A list of products and services we have actually tried and love enough to share with you.  Some of these will give you free stuff...Moo Hoo!!! 

THIS WEBSITE!  I made this website myself in just a few days.  Easy peasy!  I tried Word Press but it was taking too much time, it was frustrating, and it was pretty technical and I just didn't "get it."  In contrast, it was ridiculously easy and fast for me to create multiple great-looking pages with Wix free websites.    I was able to get the first draft up and running absolutely free!  Creating this website was actually fun and inspiring!  Oh, and it's so easy to get answers to questions.   You don't have to, but I chose to upgrade because there were extras I wanted.   

AN EASY LOAN  Recently I found myself in need of a loan.  After researching tons of options I went with an amazing high profile main stream lender and have been a very happy Moo, indeed.  Application was easy, loan was quick, and I can pay it off early with no interest penalty.   You can get a loan from these guys for whatever reason up to $40,000.   Contact me if you want to know more.