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i cant make my multimonitor work I'm using Ubuntu 19.10 with the gnome-shell (like 18.10) How to show all the windows of my gnome-shell in the same size, like Win7. I want my two monitors have same size TriKingSkker: thank you yep will be better for me. to log out. thanks You're welcome Someone else was asking about how to show all the windows of the gnome-shell in the same size, like in Win7 they just found an existing answer and were answering their own question: johnnyfive, yes, I have my multimonitor. but I cant make it work. ok, Thanks ok, well, I've only used my 4k monitor, so I'm not the best to help there thanks anyways that is normal, just for testing, unplug your monitor i'll try it. plug out first sorry, i am just very new in Linux That's ok oh, that is i mean, plug it back after your testing so, i do just log out of this channel bye TriKingSkker, we are talking about Xorg, no



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Bluebits Trikker V1.5.16 50

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