Important Wedding Information

Randy and LindiMoo

4 o'clock pm ❤ May 5th, 2018

9903 Tulalip Shores Road, Tulalip, WA 98271, USA


Our wedding will be outside on a grassy lawn.  If it is raining we will have tents.  If it is dry we might have them anyway...we'll see.  I'm going with "Comfortable Dressy" as the official dress code.  I'm going to say that spike heals for women will not be a great choice because of the grass (unless you want to aerate the lawn for the owner).  Other than that, just dress nice and comfortable.


We have booked 2 huge houses with great views of Port Susan, Camano Island, Whidbey Island and direct access to a private 150 foot beachfront near the water for 3 nights.  We will eat, sup, sleep, be merry and get married at this venue.


Check-in: 4pm on Friday, May 4th.

Wedding: 4pm on Saturday, May 5th

Check-out: 11am on Monday, May 7th


Lodging/Food Fee - $125 per adult (Due March 5th)

Includes the 3 night stay and food throughout the weekend.  Beer, wine, water and a small variety of other alcohols will also be provided, however, bring whatever else you wish to drink.  Please confirm your reservation by paying the lodging fee by March 5th:


Use the “Pay Friends and Family” option to avoid a transaction fee.


Or, if you prefer methods of yester-year you can send a check to: 

Delinda Ruiz

1513 2nd St.,

Snohomish, WA  98290.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you don't have the funds, it's not a reason to miss this family get-together.  We totally understand a tight budget so thanks for coming and no worries if you don't have enough moolah.  There are plenty of other ways of helping this event run Lindi.


Parking is limited.  After you RSVP and before the event, we will send you the address of our off-site parking location.  A shuttle will be available to get you to the venue.



Since many people have already asked us where we are registered we created a registry online.



Now please take a moment to read the poem below written by Powers.  Please note the handy Bovine Translations.  (P.S.  It’s our MUST read the poem to appease us 😄😄 )




by PowPaPow

A bull met a cow one night on the town
By the end of the night they were dancin’ round
5 years later, nothin’ but love and laughter
In their happy and beautiful Washington pasture


How they Met

Now here’s the part where you come in
To keep these bovines from livin’ in sin
Prepare for things to get a lil’ looney
And come celebrate a grand ‘ol matri-moo-ny


You’re invited to the wedding!

Whether attending or celebrating with all online,
Don’t worry, this bull and cow live in a modern time
There’ll be dancin’, prancin’, singin’ and live viewing
An udderly good time and lots of mooing


Everyone can attend since this wedding will be live streamed online

To help these moos host this hooplah
There’s a wishing well to drop your moolah
Just log on in using the link below
Or place a card in the box when you show


For those who wish to give a wedding gift,

please visit our online wishing well (registry):

❤ ❤ ❤ Thanks moocho for coming to our wedding ❤ ❤