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"Udderly Entertaining Moosic for All Ages"

LindiMoo Moosic™ shows for all ages are a hoot!  Everyone leaves smiling and "udderly" satisfied...some don't want to leave at all.  LindiMoo plays favorites from the 60's and 70's, folk music, country music, oldies, moldies and some current and original music, too.


Her audiences always feel free to sing along and they enjoy silly bovine, cow, cattle and "moo" references that keep her shows fun and entertaining.

LindiMoo's beautiful "honey melodies" and heart-felt vocal style have also been enjoyed in many quieter settings...weddings, funerals, wineries, and private parties.  Some say she sounds like Joan Baez, others hear Bonnie Raitt, Linda Rondstadt, Janis Joplin, or Norah Jones..which is no wonder since they all have influenced her music style.

In 2010 LindiMoo discovered that her music had a very positive effect on those who suffer from memory care issues and began developing a therapeutic hour just for them.


LindiMoo Moosic™ specializes in entertainment for retirement communities, the elderly, seniors, memory care, dementia, and assisted living.  She is highly recommended and has now worked with over 80 different Senior Communities in 6 states providing them with a memorable hour of music, humor, stories and sing-a-longs.

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