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Goodnight Loving Trail
A Song by Utah Phillips

Who in the heck needs a cowboy and a horse to herd cattle?  In this video LindiMoo herds cattle with nothing but a guitar and a song.  Watch as a pasture of scattered cattle are herded in less than 3 minutes when LindiMoo sings this old cowboy song by Utah Phillips.

Nearly 10 years before this video was made, LindiMoo was on a ranch in Southern Utah idly playing her guitar and singing on the front porch of a cabin near a herd of grazing cattle.  After only a few minutes she noticed that the cows were taking an interest and moooooving closer and closer to her.  She got up and moved closer, still playing and singing.  The cows moved closer to her as well.  To see what they would do next, LindiMoo walked down the fence line away from the herd.  Sure enough, they followed her, happy and mooing.  LindiMoo felt like the Bovine Pied Piper and was bummed that she didn't have a camera to film this funny phenomenon.

For years after that, every time LindiMoo would drive by a pasture of cattle she would think about playing to cows again and catch their love of moosic on video.

Finally, in October of 2017, LindiMoo found herself in the heart of cattle country in Victor, Montana.  Her friend, Michelle took her to a nearby ranch with the perfect pasture of Holstein cows.  LindiMoo had no idea if the herd would respond the same way the Utah cows did but she wanted to give it a go.  She handed her phone camera to her other friend, Boudicca, and started playing and singing.

LindiMoo Herds Cows with Moosic (Music) Part 1  (this video)
In this first video  the cows are scattered over the huge pasture and one by one they moooove in towards the moosic and finally end up gathered as close as they can get to LindiMoo and her guitar.  They would have gotten closer but there was a deep ravine between them and the fence line.

LindiMoo Herds Cows with Moosic (Music) Part 2
In the 2nd video LindiMoo tells the gathered cows that she's going to play another song and they are going to follow her.  Which they happily do.  At the end of this video LindiMoo is so excited that the cows responded to her music and that it was all caught on video...yaaaaaaay!

This video is uncut and no one was out in the field with the cows.  They were merely  mez-moo-rized by the moosic. 

Thank you Bo Joseph and Michelle Buker for your help in making this mooooovie a reality.

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