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A YouTube weekly interactive Video Podcast with LindiMoo including "moosic", fun, requests, music trivia, and more. A great resource for activity directors, caregivers, communities and anyone else who could use some "udderly entertaining moosic".  Shows air live every Tuesday at 3pm Pacific time on LindiMoo's YouTube Channel.

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  1. Subscribe to LindiMoo's YouTube Channel to be notified of the upcoming Live Podcast.  You will be notified by YouTube when I schedule a new podcast

    • Please encourage all your staff members to subscribe, too.  This helps me keep this activity resource free.

  2. Load YouTube onto your Smart TV each Tuesday at 3pm (pacific time). 

  3. Load LindiMoo's Live Podcast.  Here are 3 ways to find the live video on Tuesdays:

    • If you subscribed to LindiMoo's YouTube channel you can just click on the notification they sent.

    • Go to the Live With LindiMoo Playlist.  Click on the video that says "LIVE" in the thumbnail picture.

    • Go to LindiMoo's YouTube Channel.  The first row of videos is labeled "Live With LindiMoo.  Click on the video that says "LIVE" in the thumbnail picture.

  4. Use a 2nd device like computer or tablet or phone to load the show and make requests and comments for your residents/clients​.​

    • To keep your community anonymous just use a ​generic name like your city or state or county so I can give a shout out to your residents.  I'll say "Welcome to the folks in Oklahoma."  Otherwise just use your community name if you're OK with everyone on YouTube knowing.  

    • When making requests for your residents please give me a first name of who is making the request so I can say, "The next song is for Alice in Oklahoma"

    • When any resident makes a comment like, "I liked that song," or "my mom used to sing that song" feel free to let me know so I can respond.  The more you chat the more interactive the show will be for  your residents.

  5. If you miss the live show on Tuesday at 3pm, no worries, you can always play a previous episode for your residents on your community Smart TV or play episodes on in-room TV's/devices for those who are bed-bound or who don't leave their rooms often.  These episodes won't be live and interactive but they'll still be fun. 😊 Just go to the Live With LindiMoo Playlist to select the episode you missed.

If you have any questions or comments about this free activity resource please feel free to contact me.


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