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Over 50 1-hour interactive therapeutic music sessions with LindiMoo including "moosic", fun, requests, music trivia, and more. A great resource for activity directors, caregivers, communities and anyone else who could use some "udderly entertaining moosic".  

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  1. Subscribe to LindiMoo's YouTube Channel and click the bell.  You will be notified by YouTube when more free therapeutic music activities are added.

    • ​Please encourage all your staff members to subscribe, too.  This helps keep this activity resource free.

  2. Load YouTube onto a Smart TV, tablet, or laptop. 

  3. Choose one of LindiMoo's 1-Hour Interactive Music Sessions and press play 

    • Encourage your group or client to clap and sing along

    • Provide some kind of percussion instrument they can keep the beat with (shakers are quiet but you can still hear them)

    • Encourage them to guess the trivia questions or play along if it is a Rebus Puzzle edition

      • Perhaps offer prizes for whoever guesses the most right answers​

    • If we are making music instrument sounds with our mouths or yipping like coyotes, etc, encourage yourself and your staff to do it too, so guests will feel more comfortable joining in.  The act of making those sounds releases endorphins.​

    • Add themed visuals to certain songs:

      • Blow bubbles during "Tiny Bubbles"​

      • Bring a stuffed or real dog during "How Much Is That Doggie In The Window

      • get the idea​

  4. For those who are who are bed-bound or who don't leave their rooms often, load an episode on a tablet, laptop or Smart TV if they have one in their room.  

  5. To create your own custom therapeutic session, use LindiMoo's Single Song Catalog and create a play list of any length and with your client's or group's favorite songs.

    • This catalog is in its beginning stages and LindiMoo will be adding to this list weekly.  If you want a specific song posted and if you want LindiMoo to greet someone by first name, use our Requests Page

If you have any questions or comments about this free activity resource please feel free to contact me.


A private session for your community or clients 

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