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Request a shoutout or make a song request for yourself, your group, client, or loved one.   LindiMoo will say "hi" and sing the song in her next video activity.  You will be notified which video contains your request.  If you want a song that is not on her repertoire list, submit it for her consideration.  LindiMoo is always looking for new song ideas.

For Shoutouts and requests:

  1. Pick a song from LindiMoo's Repertoire (the pink button below)

  2. Submit your song request below.

  3. Who is the song for and who gets the shoutout.  Be sure and include a name so LindiMoo can say "Hi"

Song/Shoutout Request



Only tip if you feel moooooooooved to do so


Tipping is absolutely not necessary for making a request. 

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