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I Do
A Song by Randy Gordon

Randy Gordon and LindiMoo were married in May 2018.  For their wedding vows, each of them wrote and performed a song for the other during their ceremony.  If there had been a roof over the venue it would certainly have been blown off by the reaction of the bride and guests to this incredible song of love and devotion.   Randy Gordon is simply one of the best poets ever!


One comment of the video on Facebook said:  "Takes a special kind of guy to squeeze a doo doo joke into his wedding vows/song, and Randy managed to pull it off lmao."

"I've been wanting a guy to write a love song for me for a long, long time.  For some reason I equate it with true love and romance," LindiMoo said.  "This song is my dream come true...this man is my dream come true.  I love you Randy!"

To hear LindiMoo's vows to Randy when they are uploaded Join The Herd and/or subscribe to LindiMoo's YouTube Channel below.

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