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Mooditation - Calm the Anxiety

Meditation to help calm anxiety, panic attacks, and stress
Calm the Anxiety Guided Meditation


After decades of being tortured by anxiety, panic and stress attacks, I searched for and found wonderful techniques that have literally given me a new life. I don't even recognize the me of 2 years ago since I've employed them. And so I've found another wonderful healing use for music and words. My sincerest hope is that this meditation helps bring more people new relaxed and happy lives, too ❤️

For those who want to know a little bit more about the techniques, I've included some information on each one below so you can start your own research to help you understand why your body is doing what it's doing.

Special thanks to Randy Gordon for creating the underlying music used for this meditation. The song is called "Mooditation"


My daily mantra now is, "Clean and Create." I say that phrase to myself when I need to get back on track. The first half of this meditation is all about clearing out and cleaning up the messy thoughts that keep your body in stress mode. The 2nd half is about creating and visualizing and feeling a future that makes you so happy you smile just by thinking about it. It's important to create as soon as you clean for better results so even if you feel better after half the meditation, stick with it because that's where you are creating your happiest future.


Decades ago I participated in a seminar where they used this "body-part-by-body-part" relaxation technique. Over the years it has proven to be the best way for me to calm my body down.

How to do it:

Breathe in deeply and as you exhale slowly, focus your attention on your toes and relax them at the same time as you are exhaling. On the next inhale, move up to the ankles and do the same thing...always relaxing each body part on the exhale. Continue with each part to the top of the head.


Shoulders, neck, and the back of the neck where it meets the skull are places where many people hold their stress and a double round of those 3 whenever you can.

EFT and Diana Ruiz

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and has helped a LOT of people. According to this PubMed article, "EFT has been validated in more than 100 clinical trials and has demonstrated efficacy for a range of populations and psychological conditions. Treatment effects have equaled or exceeded those obtained from pharmacological interventions and conventional psychotherapy."

I had life changing results with EFT sessions by stress relief coach Diana E Ruiz. She is incredibly intuitive.

How to do it:

In this meditation I did not implement the tapping portion of EFT. Instead, I used a combination of the healing phrases from EFT and Diana E Ruiz that have helped me through many "episodes." If you want to learn the tapping part do an internet search on EFT.

So, with the EFT and Diana E Ruiz healing phrases, the theory is that if you state how you are truly feeling in this moment and then offer your brain a better and happier alternative, you will train your brain to look for and choose the more positive feelings.

Saying you are "open" to relaxing about something is a non threatening way to introduce a better alternative to a brain that is hanging on to anxiety. We all are "open" to possibility of feeling better even if we don't feel that way currently.


"Even though I feel crappy, I'm open to relaxing about it"

"Even though I am sad, I'm open to being happy"</