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YouTube Changes The Rules...again.

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

What's a Moo to do?

I JUST started figuring out how the whole YouTube monetization thingy works and now YouTube has made the requirements for monetization even more difficult to achieve. It used to be just about anyone could play in the YouTube ad money playground. All I you had to do was have a great video, own the content, upload it to YouTube, push the "monetization" button, and voila!...people watching your video could then watch or skip the ad before your video and you'd make a couple of pennies if they let the ad play.

But then a few crappy apples had to piss in the sandbox and steal videos from the the other kids and post not so friendly and sometimes child endangering stuff and basically ruin it for the rest of us. So, YouTube had to make new playground rules. It was decreed:

Thou shalt haveth 10,000 views before thou canst play

in the YouTube moentization playground!

Well that didn't last for long. Evidently it was still too easy for the YouTube playground bullies to comply with the new rules. It took only one semi-viral video or a couple of less than semi-viral videos to garner the needed 10,000 views to keep the bullies in the game and allowing them to continue to steal the creative kids' lunch money (video monetization money) and to continue posting even more not so child-friendly stuff...YouTube called these guys "Bad Actors".

So, to make it more difficult to keep the bullies, "Bad Actors" and crappy apples off the playground, YouTube changed the rules again...I got an e-mail from YouTube stating the new rules:

Now, thou must haveth 4,000 HOURS of viewing and

1,000 subscribers before thou canst play in the YouTube

monetization playground.

A year or 2 ago (or 3 or whatever...), when the first rule came out about needing 10,000 views to stay on the playground I was pretty smug and happy with myself because I had more than 10,000 views. But 10,000 views of 3 minute videos does NOT 4,000 HOURS of viewing make. And, because I have never (up until now) asked people to subscribe to my YouTube channel (DOH!), I fall quite short of the 1,000 subscribers mark.

So what sucks is that come mid-February, if I can't come up with 3,500 more hours of views and 904 more subscribers I'll be kicked out of the playground right along with the bullies...that is unless you, dear reader, take a moo-ment and subscribe to the LindiMoo YouTube channel and watch a couple of videos (in their's HOURS I need). Watch the cow videos...they are pretty funny if you watch what the cows are doing instead of watching what I'm doing.

As I proofread that last paragraph and read the plea I just wrote, I'm feeling a little like Oliver Twist, holding up my bowl and asking, "Please, Sir, can I have some more......subscriptions and views?"

What a silly world. Oh, and thanks in advance for subscribing and viewing some videos 😎


LindiMoo 💖

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