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One Year Without Cigarettes! 🤗

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Cigarette smoking symptoms written on cigarettes
During one of the many times I tried to quit I wrote some of the distressing feelings and symptoms I had when I was smoking. I thought this would be a good enough visual to get me to stop.

FEBRUARY 1, 2019

I made it! I did it! After over 300 attempts to quit smoking over the last 40 years I am now ONE FREAKIN' YEAR without cigarettes! Woo Hoo! 🤗

It feels so damned good to finally be free of the cravings and the guilt. It feels like I've been released from the trap of an evil mind control villain. He had me convinced that I needed a cigarette when I was stressed, one after each meal to digest, another 2 or 3 if I went to a bar. How many times did I step outside to smoke instead of exercising, or reading, or setting goals? Ugh...too many to cownt.

It especially feels the best to be done TRYING to quit smoking. Ugh...that was the worst. The first 3 days suck and I did those first 3 days about 100 times...that nearly drove me insane.


Well, first of all I didn't quit quitting. Sometimes I'd quit for a week...sometimes a month...sometimes I'd quit for a whole hour. Nothing seemed to will power was no match for the Evil Mind Control Villain. Then, I decided to try acupuncture with James T. Burr in Everett, WA. OMG...after the session I had a slight craving but it was nothing and I got over it quickly. I easily got through those first 3 days and I couldn't believe I was able to stay quit for 3 months!

But then I had a very stressful event and thought I'd have just ONE cigarette to "calm me down"...I let the Evil Mind Control Villain back in and he quickly took over again. Thank God I didn't quit quitting. I went back for another acupuncture session and it didn't work as perfectly as the first time, but it did help. I had just a few more stumbles and starts and finally kicked that Evil Villain out for good a year ago. My sole motivation at this point was to never have to do those "first 3 days" again.


So has not smoking for a year made a difference? For those who want the quick answer...HELL YES! it's made a difference. Kind of like night and day...up and down...over and under. I feel free, energetic, and happy. Thank you James T. Burr!


For those who want more detail....let's take a look at those cigarettes again. I took these photographs 8 months before my last cigarette. It was the easiest way for me to visualize some of the feelings and symptoms I was having when I smoked. Let's take each cigarette one by one.

Cigarette smoking symptoms written on cigarettes.  One method to quit smoking.
Some of my feelings and symptoms while smoking.


-A Year Ago: I had very little motivation and put off projects and goals.

-Today: I am blown away by the things I have accomplished in the last year, only one of which was increasing my music gigs and income by nearly 50% WOW!


-A Year Ago: Saggy eyelids, splotchy complexion, drawn look...not happy with my reflection in the mirror each morning.

-Today: Even though I'm a year older I am so much happier with my reflection. I don't see that sag in my eyelids anymore. My skin is much clearer, less papery (more supple) and more healthy looking. My face does look a few years younger...and happier.