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Bringing in the light.

It was so cool to find this quote while transcribing one of Deepak Chopra's many 21 Day Meditation series, so I turned it into a meme...or a moome :) with this amazing photo I found on the internet.

Recently I decided that rather than punish myself and STOP bad habits that I was going to start rewarding myself by DOING GOOD THINGS for my body, mind, and relationships. It is amazing how much easier and more enjoyable it is to think about and do good things for myself, friends, and family rather than waste my mind time in guilty brooding over mistakes I've made or bad habits I want to shake.

I am realizing how much of my life I've spent concentrating on all the things I don't like, all the things I don't want, and what I've done wrong. Didn't someone once say that you get what you focus on? I'm going to try and focus on the light...I'm going to concentrate and go after what I DO want in life. <3 Yaaaaaay!! <3

(You can access Deepak Chopra's free meditations at


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