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DAY 4: Living In The Moo-ment

Remember a few days ago I committed to doing a 21-day blog in conjunction with Deepak and Oprah's free 21-Day meditation? Well I fudged on that already and instead of feeling guilty I feel so know why? Because in this meditation series I'm learning some cool things about time and health and living in the moooooooment...LOL.

I had it in my mind that this blog had to look a certain way and that I had to spend hours to make each day's blog entry perfect. Well after listening to the 20 minute meditation on

DAY 4 I ended up spending the day (my time) cooking with my 19-year old son. He and I made homemade chunky bean dip and falafel from pintos and chickpeas we soaked the night before (yes...I know that is a weird combination of foods but we were making use of stuff we had on there it is :).

Here's the quote that inspired me from DAY 4's meditation:

"We’ve all heard that “time heals all wounds,” but the way in which we choose to spend that time will determine if our old hurts are healed or held onto. In today’s meditation, we experience “inward time” as one of the most powerful ways time can help us mend. We also learn how sleep time, play time, down time, and quiet time are all vital forms of making time a healer in our lives."

--Deepak Chopra

from his 21 Day Meditation Experience

Making Every Moment Matter

Day 4 - How to Make Time a Healer

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