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Day 5: Choosing My Brain Pathways

Updated: Nov 7, 2017

"As individuals we have all found a personal rhythm of life that that is faster or slower than other people's...more focused or more relaxed, and so on. After months and years habits turn into physical pathways in the brain, and then we can be programmed by our own past choices. If you feel that time is working against you this is your own psychological conditioning coming back to haunt you."

--Deepak Chopra's meditation answered a few questions for me about why my body started "fritzing" out in my 40's. Turns out years and years of constant emotional stress triggered low grade inflammation in my body. It's like the consistency of the stress wore a groove (like that rut in the left photo) and became a habit. At some point in my life parts of my "rut" started weakening and life became quite bumpy.

I do believe I am successfully crawling out of that rut and creating new smooooooother pathways in my brain with meditation, good sleep, stretching, and walking outside in nature. (kind of like that lovely road in the right photo) There's a whole lot less "fritzing" going on in this happier body of mine.....Yaaaaaaaay!

There's an old proverby thing that says something like, "A smart man learns from his own mistakes. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others." If I can save anyone the pain and mental distress that has plagued my life for years I will be a happy cappy. Learn from the mistakes of Moo. Take the time to listen to DAY 5's pre-meditation chat with Oprah and Deepak at then take the 10 minutes afterwards for the precious rejuvenation of your amazing body through meditation. After that, make it a habit...finish this free 21-day meditation gift and then learn new ways of taking quiet time and enjoying each moment. You've only got the one body...give it permission to enjoy life...and health.

This blog is my journey through

Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey's Free 21 Day Meditation Experience

Making Every Moment Matter

Day 5 - Old Time Habits and How to Change Them

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