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DAY 6: I Create My Future Now

More often than not I used to think, worry, ponder, and fret about the future. My mind would wander...

What will happen in the future?

Will it be all right?

How will I ever get this all done?

With all that is going on in the world the future is so scary.

...and then I would proceed to think about the worst scenarios and the details of how they might play out.

Because of these meditations I am realizing that this moment right now is where my future is actually created. I am The Creator of my future! Wow...pretty freaky stuff right there. Everything I do right now creates my future.

Well, in this mooment I am relaxed, I am enjoying listening to Deepak and Oprah, transcribing, and feeling the quiet of the morning before everyone wakes up. I know the day will moooooove on and other things will happen, and in the moment that they happen I will experience them. But, thinking about those future things while I am in this moment is distracting and it keeps me from enjoying and finishing what I am doing right now...creating.

The same goes for my thoughts about the past.

Why did I do that stupid thing?

What if I had done things differently?

I am so angry at that guy for what he did to me!

When I spent my time in thoughts like that it would literally make me sick. When I re-lived those past traumas over and over again in my mind, my body would react as if it were actually happening now. My neck would tighten, my body would tighten, I would clench my teeth, normal circulation would be slowed or cut off, my breathing would quicken, etc... Next time you are watching a scary movie take note what your body is doing and you'll get the idea. When I subjected my body to that day after day, year after year, I had to start cleaning up the

stress mess in my body (aches, pains, panic attacks, numbness, disorientation, muddy mind, etc...).

In today's pre-meditation dialog, Deepak says, “Meditation opens the way to experience present awareness without outside distractions. Meditation also takes us outside the ego and its constant need for attention.” Now, with regular meditation under my belt, I'm finding it easier and easier to be present as I go through each activity of my day. Sure, I sometimes catch my mind wandering, but now I have simple methods for bringing myself back to the present moment...where I continue to create my amazing future.

Thank you Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey for today's inspiration.

This blog is my journey through

Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey's Free 21 Day Meditation Experience

Making Every Moment Matter

Day 6 - The Benefits of Present-Moment Awareness


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