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Rose Colored Glasses for Headache Relief?

Updated: May 30, 2018

Don't laugh...these are prescription glasses.............(OK, you can laugh just a little 😀)

Believe it or not, my optometrist prescribed these. To be clear, he did not prescribe the freakishly huge clown frames, but he did prescribe the color.


First I thought I was allergic to food. Then I thought I was allergic to my house! Every day I'd get up feeling fine but then after breakfast I'd feel like crap...headache, disoriented, a tiny bit of nausea, nervousness, difficulty concentrating and achy eyes. Looking back I can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner.

Since all my symptoms started after breakfast I thought for sure I was having a reaction to food and so I did some allergy tests. After 3 months of that nonsense I ruled out food sensitivity.

I finally figured it out when I went on tour to Montana for 2 weeks. After 3 days on the road I realized I was having none of those aggravating What a relief! I thought maybe there was something in my home I was allergic to (no, not you, Randy...😀).

When I got home from the tour it took about 2 days for the symptoms to start showing up again...on schedule...right after breakfast. As I was sitting there in front of my computer checking my e-mail and finishing my breakfast I started feeling the first symptoms start to creep in...Aaaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! I put my hands over my eyes and started to cry in frustration because once again I would have to go lie down until the headache and nausea abated and once again I would not get any work done.

But, a funny thing happened right then. As I put my hands over my eyes I felt just a little relief...and then it dawned on was the friggin computer! At first I thought the computer screen was generating some kind of waves that were messing with me, but after some research I ruled that out. A quick search online brought it home. My eyes were sensitive to the light from the computer screen, the glare from the sun, the light from my tablet and other devices I look at frequently, and fluorescent lights...I had failed to protect my eyes from these things all my life and now I needed to correct that.


Once I figured out that my eyes had grown sensitive to different kinds of lights and glare I headed to my optometrist to check everything out. After a thorough exam he said my eyes were great! What?? What about the headaches when I walk under the fluorescent lights in Fred Meyer? What about the fact that I haven't been able to work on my computer for more than a few minutes at a time without feeling like crap?

"Hold on just a second," he said, and walked out of the exam room. He popped back in a moment later with two rose colored lenses and said. Look out the window with these in front of your eyes. HOLY COW!! I could feel instant relief from the strain as soon as the lenses were in front of my eyes. I moved them away and immediately felt a tiny bit of pain come back. HOLY COW!

My optometrist said any rose colored lense will work...not red, but rose or light pink. I was so excited that I called Randy who was in town and asked if he could go find me some rose tinted glasses so I could test them out with my computer. When he got home he handed me those glasses pictured above and said that was the only pair he could find. I laughed out loud but happily put them on and sat in front of my computer screen and started working.

It was like I heard angels from heaven singing "hosannah". No headache, no nausea, no disorientation, full concentration, and beautiful relief from eye strain. I was so happy...and at the same time so annoyed that I didn't figure it out sooner (over a year of discomfort).


I have changed my habits. After going a life-time without ever wearing sunglasses, I now wear polarized lenses when I'm driving...sometimes even when it's cloudy. For indoor protection I found a fun pair of John Lennon-style rose-colored glasses for 4 bucks and started wearing them whenever I was working on my computer or tablet and whenever my eyes felt light sensitive in the house (bright bathroom lighting, sun glare coming through windows, etc...)

I thought this cheap pair was too flimsy for every day use and had to adjust the nose pad to keep it from twisting around so I went online and purchased the two other pairs pictured below. Turns out I just really love that cheap $4 pair of John Lennon sunglasses. They are light-weight, cute, and I've been getting TONS of compliments on them.

The world, does indeed, look and feel better through my groovy rose-colored glasses. If you see me live on Facebook you'll see me wearing them as I look into the computer camera and monitor while performing...and now you'll know why.

Below are the rose colored glasses I have tried, personally. If you wanna see more pink eye-wear, here is a variety of both high quality and inexpensive rose-colored sunglasses.

I liked these SOJOS One Piece Round Rimless Sunglasses because they covered more of my eyes for more eye strain relief at the computer. Be sure and take off the clear plastic protectors from each lens.

I got these SOJOS Round Sunglasses with the pretty gold metal frame but didn't realize they were 55mm which is too big for my face so I keep them at my bedside to put on when I'm looking at my tablet or phone. They are very sturdy.

The first pair I bought. This pair of Round John Lennon Type Sunglasses are light-weight, cute and extremely inexpensive. They are 42mm and I get LOTS of compliments when I wear these in public.

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